Pompeii. Peter Connolly
21.09.2008, 15:20

This book describes the events of the greatest natural disaster in European history - the destruction in AD 79 of Pompeii by the long dormant volcano Vesuvius. The violent eruption of Mount Veuvius on 24th august AD 79 was one of the greatest natural disasters of all time. Thousands of people were suddenly entomed in the town of Pompeii, taken by surprise as a layer of ash and pumice, many metres thick, rained down on top of them from the long-dormant volcano. uncovered nearly 2000 years later. Pompeii gives ua a fascinating record of everyday roman life.In this stunning book, Peter Connolly recreates in his artwork and text every detail of the lives of the people of Pompeii. Their houses, shops, baths, theatres and more are brough vividly to life.reprint 2003. 




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