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Карты к учебнику "История Древнего Востока"

Карты составлены по материалам кафедры истории Древнего мира МГУ им. М.В.Ломоносова. Атлас охватывает период от появления древнейших государств Шумера до Индии и Китая на рубеже нашей эры. Представлены карты государств, археологические культуры, планы городов-столиц. Это одна из лучших картографических подборок по истории Древнего мира вышедшая в СССР.
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Roman Fort. Peter Connolly

The Roman Fort. Peter Connolly Everything the inquisitive young mind may wish to know about Roman fortifications. Another wonderful book for Mr Connolly.
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Cavalrymen.Peter Connolly

The Cavalryman. Peter Connolly Book depicting the life and times of a Roman cavalryman; superbly illustrated as you'd expect from Peter Connolly's excellent children's books.
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Legionary.Peter Connolly

In the centre of Rome there is a huge column erected by the emperor Trajan. It is decorated with a great spiral sculpture telling the story of his victory over the Dacians who lived beyond the river Danube in Romania. The column has been standing there for nearly 1,900 years, a silent epitaph to one of the greatest armies in history. Looking at Trajan's column is like watching television with the sound turned down. We can see things in great detail but we can hear very little, for the history of the Dacian wars has been lost.
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Pompeii. Peter Connolly

This book describes the events of the greatest natural disaster in European history - the destruction in AD 79 of Pompeii by the long dormant volcano Vesuvius. The violent eruption of Mount Veuvius on 24th august AD 79 was one of the greatest natural disasters of all time.
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War_in_Ancient_Egypt The books in this series are authoritative surveys of the relationship between warfare and the economy and culture of ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean societies. The series explores the impact of military organization on social life and the place of war in the cultural and imaginative life of communities. It also considers the "face of battle,” examining the experiences of combatants and civilians.

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